Meeting people on plane (part 2)

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Well, it’s been a while since I wrote the first part of this subject, but here it comes a brief description of another interesting person I met on a plane.

His name is Peter, and I met this amazing man when he was heading home (Tennessee) after traveling to north Italy for a “Tree climbers competition”, yes!! He is a professional tree climber; and back home he has an enterprise where he cuts trees, but also analyses the top part of them to see how pollution is treating them. The age of the threes: 100 years old (average).

big tree 2

He explained how important is the security to get on top of trees that are anything but small. You can take a look at the pictures and see yourself how high Peter climbs.

He reminded me the importance of trees in our lives, without them we cannot breath, I know that in school they explained us about how trees work with oxygen but this amazing man is doing an important and cool job.
Now, he is my friend on Facebook and I check his pictures often. Sure Peter is not afraid of heights.

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high tree

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