I went back to Cinque Terre

Hello readers,

I was in Cinque Terre for the second time in my life, it was a different trip; I went there to celebrate my marriage!! Yeaaaah! I got married and we decided (my husband and me) to have a weekend in Cinque Terre with our parents.

manarola sunset (2)

This time I didn’t do any trekking, instead we used the train a lot, we visited the five villages in two days. My father was amazed by the way they cultivate grapes to make wine (of course we are in Italy). They plant them as ladders on the mountains. Even though the huge production of Italian wine is in Tuscany, Cinque Terre is near so they also produce wine on ladders and yes, in front of the sea!

Cinque Terre 2017 (2)

Our stay: Airbnb in Manarola, it was a big and comfortable appartment right in the main street of this village.



Really this National Park is so beautiful that is worth to go back several times.

Hope you like the pics!

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