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I went back to Cinque Terre

Hello readers,

I was in Cinque Terre for the second time in my life, it was a different trip; I went there to celebrate my marriage!! Yeaaaah! I got married and we decided (my husband and me) to have a weekend in Cinque Terre with our parents.

manarola sunset (2)

This time I didn’t do any trekking, instead we used the train a lot, we visited the five villages in two days. My father was amazed by the way they cultivate grapes to make wine (of course we are in Italy). They plant them as ladders on the mountains. Even though the huge production of Italian wine is in Tuscany, Cinque Terre is near so they also produce wine on ladders and yes, in front of the sea!

Cinque Terre 2017 (2)

Our stay: Airbnb in Manarola, it was a big and comfortable appartment right in the main street of this village.



Really this National Park is so beautiful that is worth to go back several times.

Hope you like the pics!

Thanks for reading,




Meeting people on plane (part 2)

Hello readers,

Well, it’s been a while since I wrote the first part of this subject, but here it comes a brief description of another interesting person I met on a plane.

His name is Peter, and I met this amazing man when he was heading home (Tennessee) after traveling to north Italy for a “Tree climbers competition”, yes!! He is a professional tree climber; and back home he has an enterprise where he cuts trees, but also analyses the top part of them to see how pollution is treating them. The age of the threes: 100 years old (average).

big tree 2

He explained how important is the security to get on top of trees that are anything but small. You can take a look at the pictures and see yourself how high Peter climbs.

He reminded me the importance of trees in our lives, without them we cannot breath, I know that in school they explained us about how trees work with oxygen but this amazing man is doing an important and cool job.
Now, he is my friend on Facebook and I check his pictures often. Sure Peter is not afraid of heights.

Thanks for reading this,

high tree

Meeting people on a plane (part 1)

Hello readers,

Today I am telling you a story that happened when I was traveling to Italy, because this blog is called More than traveling which means: “trips and company”.

Well, a couple of months ago in an airplane I met a woman who was traveling from the United States to Italy to go ski, yes that’s great I know,crossing the world to ski in the Alps, but the most amazing part is that she was around 75 years old, she was watching “Two and half men” during the flight, laughing a lot, and sharing with us the reason of her trip.

And last, but not least she said “I play the piano, you can look for my video in Youtube” which I did and here you have it:


Her name is Jadwiga Yaco, she is adorable and I wanted to share this awesome person with you. While I looked for her piano video, I found she uploaded a video in Italy, “Skiing in Italy”, I am more amazed now!, watch it, please:

Don’t be afraid to speak with the person next to you, sometimes you find amazing people full of energy like Jadwiga Yaco.

Enjoy it!


P.S. If you ever read this Jadwiga Yaco, I was amazed in that flight to Milan and I want people to see you playing piano

1 day in Monza

Hello readers,

This past saturday I went to Monza, is a city in the north part of Italy, very near with the Swiss boarder.
I like it because is a typical small italian city, it has a plaza and streets where you can find stores to do shopping, buy a gelato or eat aperitive (which is really typical in Italy). Aperitive is basically an all you can eat menu, where by buying 1 drink you can have access to the food.
Continuing  with Monza, weather was great, sunny but not so hot. My friends and I went to downtown, we took a walk and ate an aperitive of piadines. Before that, we were in the Palace, and it has a awesome garden behind.
Monza hosts the Italian Formula 1 race every year, so if by any chance you go to the F1 race, take a walk in downtown and go the Palace garden.

Cheers my friends,