About Me


I am Adelaida, I was born in Mexico a couple of decades ago, but I see myself as a citizen of the world. Nowadays, I am a translator, English online teacher and now a freelance writer.

I had the great idea to study International Relations in University and that’s where magic began. I had a travel a bit before entering to University, but I was too young to understand what chances I was having in front of my eyes. So, along with my studies I recognized my love for new cultures, languages and trips!

I have been traveling and studying aboard for the past 10 years, and its the best thing I have ever done. Investing in myself, my memories and meeting amazing people in wonderful places around the this world.

Also, I had discover different ways of living and learnt from it; my mind opened once I got out of awesome comfort zone, that was when I understood the meaning of the verbs “enjoy” and “learn”.

With 5 languanges inside my head, a University and Master degree, I am a traveller and I will love to keep on doing for the rest of my life. I am posting articles related to my trips, to share my experiences, ideas and the meaning of my traveling life.

You can see my work in the following:

Travelicious Australia: How to enjoy Cinque Terre

Cheers, travellers!

Montealban, Oaxaca. Mexico
Montealban, Oaxaca. Mexico

Just me, traveling the world