1 day in Monza

Hello readers,

This past saturday I went to Monza, is a city in the north part of Italy, very near with the Swiss boarder.
I like it because is a typical small italian city, it has a plaza and streets where you can find stores to do shopping, buy a gelato or eat aperitive (which is really typical in Italy). Aperitive is basically an all you can eat menu, where by buying 1 drink you can have access to the food.
Continuing  with Monza, weather was great, sunny but not so hot. My friends and I went to downtown, we took a walk and ate an aperitive of piadines. Before that, we were in the Palace, and it has a awesome garden behind.
Monza hosts the Italian Formula 1 race every year, so if by any chance you go to the F1 race, take a walk in downtown and go the Palace garden.

Cheers my friends,

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